Full responsive!

“Mobile first” is Bootstrap 4’s motto. Meeting mobile demands under TYPO3 is not easy, but it is possible. Bootstrap 3 offers objects and layouts that are easy to use in order to help the developer attain that goal.

For TYPO3 developer: flexible expandable!

The advantage of Flux lies in the power of Fluid, which it is based on. Flux uses its abilities for the TYPO3 back-end so that new objects can be built by creating Fluid templates. There is no need to do mapping or to use TypoScript Code. Even whole extensions like Slider can be made obsolete.

Drop-in Bootstrap 4 elements

The template comes with production-ready, pre-made Bootstrap elements to guarantee an easy integration. It also tackles the problem of integrating with other extensions to achieve a maximum level of compatibility.

Parallax effect

The template comes with the prepared parallax effect. Easy to activate conveniently in the container element. Ready.

Further effects will follow.

Various page layouts and elements

The template comes with prefabricated page layouts and elements. Seitenlayouts werden in den Seiteneigenschaften eingestellt und bestimmen die grobe Seiteneinteilung. Spezielle Elemente ermöglichen kompliziertere Designs.